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Aesthetic acupuncture

Aesthetic acupuncture is originally a technique for facial paralysis and it used to be the exclusive preserve of the emperors family in China.

Nowadays with all the fillers and Botox injections around – this is an amazing natural option with no side effects what so ever.

The technique I use promotes many superficial needles (50-100) instead of a few deep ones that more easily cause bruising. Also a few distal needles will be inserted in your hands, feet and head to balance qi and address your specific problem area.

The sky is the limit for what you can achieve.The before and after photos are almost too good to be true. It works on anything from sagging skin to wrinkles and aging spots. The key is persistency. You need 10 times twice a week to start. Then depending on your age and problems you need a couple of boosts every 3-6 months. This will increase the circulation and thereby the growth of collagen.

The positive side-effect is a general stimulation of all meridians in the body as they all have a connection with the face and therefore your old pains and aches will probably not be felt during the first 5 weeks after you have started the treatment. You will also experience a deep relaxation when performed. But you should be aware that it is a powerful treatment and if performed too often it might provoke headache, nausea and nightmares due to the strong increase of "qi"/energy to the head.

It serves as a perfect booster before an important event like a photo shooting or a party or whenever you need to present yourself at your best! Even if you don´t sleep the following night you will look miraculously energized the next day!

If you have had or are planning a facelift – this technique will help you enhance and maintain the result.

In other words Aesthetic acupuncture will improve

  • growth of collagen
  • sagging skin
  • wrinkles
  • dark circles/puffiness under the eyes.
  • glow of the skin
  • double chins
  • reducing pore size
  • hanging eyelids
  • superficial spots
  • growth of hair
  • softens scar tissue and hard skin
  • prolongs the effect of a face-lift

I am certified in Aesthetic acupuncture (shchool of Ki-Shin-Tai,Stockholm)

Estetisk Akupunktur

The technique I use promotes many superficial needles (50-100).

Estetisk Akupunktur

Before and after photos.

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