Acupuncture, an efficient method treating both pain and illness and has no side effects, is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years.

How does it work? There are two ways of describing it: the Chinese way and the Western way.

According to Chinese medicine we have a network of meridians (channels of energy) in which qi/life energy flows. If you are healthy the flow is in harmony but when you are in pain or ill – the flow will be obstructed or uneven. Through stimulating the acupuncture points along the meridians, – balance and circulation are restored and the patient should be relieved from pain and illness.

According to western medicine acupuncture affects our nervous system so that hormones, neurotransmitters and endorphins (the body’s own morphine) are released.

The effect includes three levels.

Locally the effect is anti-inflammatory and will increase the circulation. On a spinal level a short pain relief and effect on organs will be experienced. In the brain there will be long term pain relief due to the release of endorphins. More or less the same methods and techniques are used within both traditions. The only thing that differs is the way of diagnosing. In Sweden you can study western acupuncture treating pain and illness for six months at the university. Traditional Chinese Medicine you can study part time at the Academy of Acupuncture for three years. Both educations offer aprenticeships.


Apart from pain relief Acupuncture can treat:

Addictive disorders Allergy Angina pectoris
Asthma Blood pressure Depression
Colic Constipation Gastrit
Diarrhoea Digestion Dry mouth
Gastritis Healing wounds Infertility
Insomnia Mastitis Menopause
Menstruation Nausea PMS
Raynauds phenomenon Sinusitis Spasticity
Stroke Tinnitus Urinary tract problems
Vertigo Weight loss

The earlier you get treatment the better. You will need at least 10 treatments to get long lasting results.

A treatment consists of looking into the patient’s general health and specific problems. Then the pulse and tongue are examined. After this the needles are inserted (disposable ones) and they remain for 20 minutes. Sometimes electric stimulation is used in the needles, or heat on certain points, or cupping with vacuum.

The insertion of the needle stings just like a mosquito bite and when the needle is turned there is a small nerve pain.

As with other treatments a worsening can take place the next day but the following day an improvement can be felt

I also offer Aesthetic acupuncture. It works on anything from sagging skin to wrinkles and aging spots. The technique I use promotes many superficial needles (50-100). Read more about Aesthetic acupuncture here ››

An Acupuncture treatment takes 50 minutes an costs 70 euros or 700 SEK.

Moxibustion/heat treatment of acupuncture point.

Acupuncture combination for painful knee.

Guasha (spoon treatment) for lumbar problems.

Cupping for stagnation of hip.