It is possible to treat eyesight problems with acupressure and qigong!

Eyesight problems have always interested me but when I studied acupuncture in China 15 years ago I was constantly reminded how difficult it is to treat. But now I know that it is possible and also what to do! The only ‘problem’ is that the patient has to learn a sequence of qigong to practice at home every day in order to maintain the result of the treatment.

The qigong takes between 15–40 minutes depending on the eyesight problem. The result is both strengthening and relaxing for the muscles around the eyes and will also help balancing the central nervous system.

We get all stressed in front of the computer when we really should let the calming part of the nervous system rule when we are physically inactive. We exhaust our eyes much to soon. Only after a day’s qigong practice everyone’s eyesight had improved significantly and after the actual treatment even more so!

The treatment is carried out with a small and light rubber hammer that a hundred or so acupuncture points are being hit with. The treatment ends with acupressure to the head and the face. Everything to get the micro circulation going around the eyes.

Around 5–15 treatments are needed depending on the seriousness of the problem and of the age. Most problems can be treated, e.g. short-sightedness, long-sightedness, lazy eye and glaucoma.

Our teacher Giulia Boschi, Dr of Sinology and traditional Chinese medicine was taught the method by the Chinese doctor Ma Xuzhou who in turn inherited it from her father Ma Litang (renowned doctor and master of qigong).

Their qigong method is now being used in Chinese schools to treat eyesight problems among children and teenagers. The DVD can be bought online; “Ma-style exercise series for the eyes”