The word naprapathy comes from the Czech word “napravit” which means to correct and from the Greek word “pathos” which means suffering.

Already in the ancient Greece, back pain was treated with stretching and massage. Hippocrates – the father of the western medicine – introduced the theory that a limited range of movements between the vertebraes cause blocked energy and pressures on nerves which in turn could explain most illnesses.

By releasing muscle tension the circulation increases and thereby the body’s ability for self healing.

1907 Dr. Oakley Smith founded the Chicago National College of Naprapathy in the USA. He was originally a Dr. of Chiropractic but had his own theory that back pain does not always has its origin in vertebraes only but in all tissues surrounding them. So muscles, tendons and connective tissue should be addressed as well to achieve a long lasting result. 1970 Björn J-son Berg founded the Naprapathic school of Manual Medicine in Stockholm and to qualify to a Dr. of Naprapathy takes five years.


What can be treated and how is a treatment performed?

The person who seeks a Dr.of Naprapathy suffers from pain or stiffness in the muscles or joints. It can be chronic or acute. The longer you have had problems – the longer it takes to get well. Therefore you should not wait more than a week before you seek help.

An acute lumbago or neck sprain normally require three treatments. The treatment speeds up the healing process so instead of suffer pain for three weeks you should recover in little more than a week.

A treatment consists of

  • examination of the ability of movement in the painful/stiff area
  • massage to soften the surrounding tissues
  • manipulation of the joints (increasing mobility of the vertebraes through thrusts and turns.)
  • electricity/ultrasound to increase the blood circulation and wake up the muscle function.
  • stretching and sharing of exercises that the patient can use at home.

As the treatment accelerates the healing process, the next day a temporary setback could be experienced but already the following day the patient should feel better.

A treatment takes 50 minutes and costs 70 euros/ 700 SEK.

(Photography by Inbal Hillel)

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