A magic health trip
“Thank you for a wonderful Retreat in the surroundings of the enchanting Spanish mountains. The calm Naam-yoga, the Ashtanga and Aero yoga and the hikes adjusted to our group was exactly what I needed to get away from the stress in Sweden. When we as well got the Naprapathy and Acupuncture treatments and Ayurvedic food it made it a magic health trip!”

– Ylva Wallhed

“Lottas retreat makes it possible change ones eating habits. Yoga and hiking harmonically completes the experience. It was tough, lovely and made you think! ”

– Anna S.

“I am a typical sitting with my desktop working guy who has had problems with neckpain for a long time.
I went to see Lotta and she gave me a treatment that helped right away. Call her and get yourself back in business!”

– Juha Toivanen

“My Dr. of Naprapathy, Lotta has always helped me with my different ailments using different tools like massage,manipulation,electricity stimulation,spoon treatment(Guasha) and acupuncture.

She is always learning new skills to incorporate within her treatments. She wants to heal the person on all levels. Lately she also added Naamyoga and Ayurveda which will be very interesting to take part of. Lotta is a very inspiring therapist.”

– Ylva Wallhed

“My first meeting with Lotta`s clinic was at the “open house” ( 2010). It was an exciting experience to hear about all the different therapies. Acupuncture really got to me. Among other things to achieve a more alive face-my “grandmothers wrinkles” have clearly become less evident. I have had acupuncture for many different problems while lying on the “spikemat” to get the circulation really going.

I also do yoga with Lotta – then I get very energized and happy! Lotta always tells us what is going on so you understand and the peace and quiet means a lot.”

– Anne marie ~ A happy and content patient who gets a lot of help

“Lotta cured the persistent pain in my shoulder with acupuncture and massage within relatively few sessions, after six months of getting nowhere with a couple of other therapists.”

– Sandy