Many people have pain for years without knowing it origins from their feet. The most common problem is pronation–a collapse of the inner arch of the foot which can have a negative effect on the ligaments and joints in the feet,knees,hips and lower back.

Insoles will stabilize the feet through supporting the arches and thereby avoiding the irritation in for example the achilles tendons,plantar fascias and toes.

Insoles are for anyone -standing a lot, walking, playing golf,running or doing any other sport. They are also popular amongst professional athletes.

It is common that one side is more affected than the other and it is important to understand why. I will analyze the posture,gait and mobility concentrating on the feet,knees,hips and lower back.

When you stand on a box of mirrors I can evaluate the weight distribution in the soles of the feet. Then I mould the insoles when you stand on a moldable cushion whilst correcting the posture of the nearby joints. Afterwards the insoles are polished and ready to use.

Welcome to make an appointment for making your Balkefors insoles at Finca Isidora in Casares! Price 100 euros.