Applied Kinesiology was founded in the 60´s in USA by Dr. Goodheart. In the beginning it was called ‘Touch For Health’ and was basically only using reflex stimulating methods to balance the muscles.

As the techniques progressed he changed the name to Applied Kinesiology.

Kinesiology means “study of movement” and he “applied” that when he used muscle testing as a tool to find out what was wrong with the patient and which therapy would be preferred.

When using Applied Kinesiology you actually communicate with the patients nervous system by testing the tension of the muscles.

Further on you can test in which area the problem lies: structural, nutritional, emotional or energetic.

Then the most suitable technique will be applied – which in my case is:

  • joint manipulation and different myofascial techniques.
  • excluding food allergies and recommending proper nutrition according to Ayurvedic body constitution.
  • teaching EFT (emotional freedom technique) or meditation.
  • acupuncture and handmudras (hand gestures to stimulate the energy flow in different meridians).

It is always recommended to give the patient some tools to improve the self healing.