AYURVEDIC YOGA – the art of living in harmony

Ayurveda means knowledge of life and yoga means to unite. Yoga is a way to reach to ones inner self which of course is limited with pain.

The pain can be of physical, mental or emotional nature. To deal with it, it will help if you know your body constitution (Dosha) so that you can adjust your exercise and diet accordingly.

You need to try something new even if it hurts in the beginning – because it could help to ease the pain. When you have found your way, stick to it, but also try new things as any exercise can become too monotonous and thereby cause harm.

According to Ayurveda your wealth is not measured in money or belongings but in life energy, and by unblocking physical stagnations you will also resolve mental and emotional ones and vice versa.

You will experience more joy, energy and love, i.e. life energy. (And I dare promise that if you exercise outdoors with the elements the effect will be double!) But to let our body constitution (Dosha) work for us and not against us we need to understand it.

VATA – air

The slender built. Inspiring, changing. Can become nervous and tense. In need of stability and balance.

Digestion works best with legumes and vegetables and sweet, sour and salt tastes.

Vata is the only Dosha that needs animal protein to ground itself. Eg. eggs, chicken, fish and lamb.

PITTA – fire

The average built person. Intense, a leader. Can become irritable and frustrated.

Needs to calm down from within with focused and moderate exercise.

Should eat raw vegetables and only sometimes a little chicken, rabbit or venison. Sweet, bitter and astringent tastes relieves Pitta. Avoid seafood as they cause heat.

KAPHA – water

The strongly built person. A methodical , caring and patient personality. Kapha normally have a slow metabolism and digestion and can easily stagnate.

Need to push themselves into intensive exercise to unblock the stagnated energy.

Agrees with steam boiled vegetables with pungent, bitter and astringent tastes. Avoid meat.

We all havea little of each Dosha
 but most of us have one or two that is dominating. This is where the yoga therapy and the diet comes in. It should be noticed that within Ayurveda it is said that you should never exceed 50 % of your maximum capacity at any time in order to avoid further imbalances. So let the food be your medicine and the yoga your therapy towards a better health, ease of pain and life joy!